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Photos taken by West Elm and Skandium.com

There’s nothing wrong with serving wine direct from the bottle, but a carafe just feels more sophisticated. Plus, it speeds up aeration, so your wine actually ends up tasting better.

Now there’s a new way to present wine on your table with these great new carafes with oak bottle stoppers. These fresh carafes first caught my eye while visiting West Elm, the home décor store located in King Liberty Village, Toronto. They look great, and the biggest size holds what looks like about 3 bottles of wine! A nice bonus with West Elm’s stoppers is that for an extra seven dollars you can get them monogrammed with a letter, which makes for great-personalized gift!

My only complaint is that the stoppers don’t fit snugly over the hole. If air can get in that means that you can really only use these carafes as a decanter, or a water jug. Forget about storing wine or anything stronger, like scotch or cognac.

After my trip to West Elm, I’ve been seeing oak carafe stoppers everywhere: home décor stores, online and magazines such as Canadian House and Home. At Skandium.com I found the carafe shown on the right hand side photo. The designer, Alfredo Haberli used a peculiarly shaped stopper instead of the regular sphere shaped stopper that I have been seeing around. The stopper reminded me of a spinning top, and hopefully is better designed for storing wine.

Wine carafes with oak stoppers inspire a traditional yet modern feel that will be a unique edition to anyone’s bar collection, and look great on the table. Just remember that unless the stopper is ultra snug these carafes work like any other decanter. I wouldn’t suggest leaving the wine in there for too long. Then again, if it’s good wine, shouldn’t be a problem.

If you would like to find out more information or purchase Alfredo Haberli’s carafe you can visit this link: