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Easter is right around the corner, which means that spring is almost here too! What a great time to play around with freshly picked flowers that look like they just popped out of your garden, even though for me they totally didn’t and I bought them from the store because I live in a backyard-less condo.

My Easter family tradition is to have brunch and this year I will be going to the in-laws for breakfast. I do the alternating holiday thing, that way both sides get to see me, at least some of the time. Although I’ve yet to host Easter brunch, I do enjoy creating Easter themed centerpieces for my husband and I to enjoy, as well as for when friends come over. There’s also the fact that fitting a 14-person table into my condo would be pretty tough, if not impossible. I think of it like Christmas; you decorate the house and put up a Christmas tree even though you aren’t necessarily spending Christmas at home. You do it because it’s fun and gets everyone in a Christmas mood.

To get myself in a proper springtime mood I found some inspiration on Martha Stewart’s online website. She is definitely a great source for fun and unique tabletop ideas for nearly any occasion. One warning: you may have to get creative to pull off some of her ideas without breaking the bank.

The photo’s show some ideas I found on Martha’s website. I really love the use of eggcups as vases. It’s unique, easy and you will definitely see me try this in future posts. The polka-dot tablecloth held down with the egg weight (filled with jelly beans) in the photo on the left is also a neat idea especially when it’s warm enough to eat outside! It keeps the spring winds from blowing your table setting away, while making everything feel springier.

For more ideas, click on the link below.