Janice Minor is a stylemaker who sells some of her products through Horchow.com, an online luxury-mail catalogue. Roger Horchow, the creator of The Horchow Collection, created a retailing empire without ever having to open a single store. Horchow.com offers everything from furniture and luxury linens, to distinctive tabletop designs, lighting, antiques, rugs, and decorative accents from around the world. However, if you live outside the U.S you are not eligible to purchase items from the website but can still order your wanted items over the phone.

Posted above is a compiled image of unique luxury tabletop serve ware that I found on Horchow’s website. These items display elegance with a spring inspired theme. Although, keep in mind that these pieces are luxury items and this luxury comes with a hefty price tag. The most expensive of the items above is the “Morning Glory” cake stand, coming in at $415. Nevertheless, I still wanted to display these unique pieces as they are beautifully crafted, even if it they might be out of reach for most people.