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The month of May is usually a busy one for me as I have many birthdays and events to plan and coordinate. The last event of the month is my husband’s birthday, and what better way to celebrate a man’s birthday then by having a Thai style barbeque on the roof top patio of my building!

Since my roof top patio gets pretty busy during the evenings, my biggest priority was putting up the party decorations. I hoped that by putting up party decorations, I could deter people from sitting at a certain table or section, thus “reserving” a space for the party guests, and my strategy proved successful!

Using inspiration from Martha Stewart’s online website I created a collage using black and white photos of the birthday boy in the shape of his age “31” as shown in the picture above. Although I think, this idea would be even more festive for a full number birthday such as 30, 40, and 50 extra… I just could not wait 9 years to do it!  Overall, the party was a success and people really enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane and seeing all the fun photos of the birthday boy growing up.

I suggest that when creating a number photo collage that you use different photo sizes having larger photos be the funniest or life milestones. And don’t forget to put up some embarrassing photos because those are what make the party decorations especially amusing!


Martha Stewart’s Picture Perfect Birthday Party: