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While flipping through the pages of my new July Canadian House and Home magazine, I came across a delicious Tex-Mex dinner menu in their cooking section. What first drew my attention about this menu was the tableware used in the photos, as it was very different and unique in relation to what you would typically see in terms of a traditional colorful Mexican fiesta. So last Thursday, since my parents and in-laws were already coming over for dinner, I used the opportunity to recreate the dinner I saw in the magazine.

In order to create the look I needed, I first had to buy the appropriate dinnerware and platter to match those displayed in Canadian House and Home. I was happy to find all the items I was searching for at one store, West Elm, at affordable prices. The dark grey plates shown in the images above were $8 each, while the slate platter shown in the photos below was $25, which was the best price I found while comparison shopping. A fun feature about the slate platter is that you may use chalk to describe what is being served. I also purchased a blue woven tortilla warmer shown in the image above for the great price of only $8!  Keep in mind that the basket can only hold 6 inch tortillas and nothing larger.  You’ll have to get a bigger basket for 8”, or monster 12” tortillas.

Preparing the food was pretty labour intensive as all the food was homemade, but in the end, it was worth all the effort as the food was healthier and more delicious than store bought. The menu was as follows:

Watermelon Mojitos

Watercress, Orange And Radish Salad

Pulled Chicken Tacos with Pineapple Salsa And Pickled Onion (Below left)

Mushroom Tacos With Corn Salsa And Chipotle Crema (Below Middle)

Grilled Tuna Tacos With Guacamole And Red Cabbage (Below Right)

Salted Peanut Chocolate Pudding (See my BlogDot. Dot. Dot! for photos)



Canadian House and Home Magazine July Issue:



West Elm

Terrain Dinnerware: 


Slate Placemat:


Woven Tortilla Warmer: