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Photo taken by Corporate Films Canada

This year both my sisters and mothers birthdays were missed at they were both out of the country at the time. Since their birthday dates are very close to one another, my family and I decided to throw them a belated birthday dinner with just the immediate family. Even with just immediate family members, we had 10 adults and two kids on the guestlist.  The large number of invitees meant that there was no way dinner would be at my place, getting everyone into my condo would be a bit too cramped.  My sister offered to host it a her place, more space for everyone to sit comfortably.

As for the dinner theme, I wanted it to be a classic intimate setting, nothing that screamed Happy Birthday, as it was already belated. The table was entirely decorated using an all white color scheme, which included a white tablecloth, white plates, white napkins, white placemats, and white flowers creating a clean and simple table setting.

A few key pieces, all purchased at Crate & Barrel, that really stood out on the table are showcased on the left hand side of the photo above.  The first item I’d like to talk about are the white capizshell round placemats.  Each placemat is exquisitely crafted out of capiz shell and has natural iridescence. Although this item is a little pricey at $20 per, it is a unique design that will surely engage a conversation amongst your guests!

The second image displayed on the left hand side is called the Teeny candleholder, and was on sale for $0.50. I purchased a total of 12 candleholders to scatter across the table and, as a bonus, they happened to match the Kent hurricane shown in the last image. For the table I just got the large Kent Hurricane for $59 and used it as a centerpiece vase. The only drawback to the Hurricane is that since it is so large you need to purchase a lot of flowers to fill it. In total, I spent $70 on flowers, a mix of white hydrangeas and white peonies, to fill the entire vase, however the overall look was worth every penny!

Next time I host a larger gathering, or maybe even a smaller one, I would like to incorporate shells, starfish, ropes, and driftwood to create a beachy themed table setting!


Capiz Shell Placemat


Teeny Candleholder


Kent Hurricanes