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The next time you host a party try decorating the drink’s table/ bar with colorful pompom’s to help direct your guests to the drinks!

If you don’t have a bar then segregate a small area or table to use as a bar, and display all your glasses, punches, ice bucket, and liquor right on the table.

The pompom decorations are surprisingly inexpensive to make, or if you don’t feel like doing that, they can be had for the princely sum of $10 (each!) at any party store. I opted to go the DIY route by purchasing coloured tissue paper and wire at the dollar store.  You can visit Martha Stewarts website to find out how you can create your own pompom decorations http://www.marthastewart.com/how-to/tissue-paper-pom-poms-how-to. Take note, that after creating the first two pompoms the last step of the crafting process became very tiresome and frustrating, so try making these with a friend to split that part up evenly.  Splitting the last step makes a lot of sense when you are making more than a couple of pompoms!

The instructions do not give you any ideas on hanging the pompoms from the ceiling, so I had to experiment a bit. At first, I purchased a double-sided plastic hook which proved completely useless as it fell off the moment I let go of it.  Next I used tape which seemed to be the perfect choice because it worked, but when I took down the pompom’s the tape left a sticky residue and even peeled off some of the ceiling paint, yikes! What I have yet to try is to pinning them to the ceiling using a thumbtack, which I was told could be a good idea. If anyone has any ideas on putting these decorations up with minimal damage to your ceiling please let me know by posting your comments down below!


Punch Bowl


Champagne Flutes


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