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These tumblers will surely give your next dinner party a solid bump in the “wow factor” department. However, don’t go overboard with the amount of guests you invite, since at 58 bucks each, these things don’t come cheap.

These unique drink containers can be found at one of my favorite stores, Anthropology. It is hard to keep your eyes off of these “Vetrario Tumblers” and having them on the table will surely spike up some conversation.

Each tumbler is handcrafted in Italy by Imperio Rossi. Using an intricate millefiori glass making technique, multicolored beads are heated into the glass to create sumptuous patterns, while the rim of the glass is dipped into a vivid coloured glass, which then trickles down the sides.

For more on these tumblers, click on the link down below.

Vetrario Tumbler