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Walking along the beach this summer I collected many pieces of driftwood that had washed ashore. My intention was to create a large centerpiece. However, once I took home the gathered bundles of driftwood and began arranging them on the table, I soon realized that one long piece of driftwood looked much cleaner and simpler than grouping the sticks in a cluster. However, with just one long piece of driftwood something was missing. There was just too much empty space.

Inspired by Martha Stewart’s “Wing it” butterfly party decorations, I decided to use her butterfly template to create patterned paper butterflies which I then glued onto various parts of the driftwood. I then placed reindeer moss around the parts of the wood, which had direct contact with the table, as well as in crevices in the driftwood itself.  To complete the look, I scattered smoothed stones of different sizes around the table.

Lastly, for a pop of color I used hot orange basketweave pattern square placemats, purchased from CB2, which not only helped bring the centerpiece to life but also were small enough in size that I could fit 9 people around the table with no overlapping placemats!



Martha Stewart “Wing It”:



Crate and Barrel “Reindeer Moss”:


CB2 “Basketweave Placemats”: