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Image: bhg.com

Are you attending any Holiday parties this year? I know I have quite a few lined up since most of my family’s birthdays happen in or around December, and I have a large family.  In addition to birthdays there are of course multiple Holiday events to attend and host.

If you have ever hosted a Holiday party then you know as a host you receive a lot of wine and maybe a few bottles of champagne. This year why not stand out from the wine crowd and create a unique sweet smelling gift!

Fill a linen sachet with lavender for a sweet smelling gift, or get festive and use balsam for a Christmas scent. To secure the flap so the sachet stays closed use vintage brooches or earrings and voilà you have the perfect hostess gift!

These beautified hostess gifts are really useful at keeping your clothes smelling fresh throughout the winter, so don’t forget to tell you host to stash it in her closet or drawers!