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Image: Anthropologie

Image: Anthropologie

This unique centerpiece inspired by Anthropologie is perfect for a Christmas or New Years centerpiece. Use it for your buffet table, or your drink station for an eye catching twist on your typical floral arrangement.

Although this centerpiece is easy to make, finding a life-like goose may pose a challenge. I will be searching around a few craft stores this week…and will keep you posted if I find one. As for the eggs, they are real so all you need to do is boil them and paint them a dark shimmering gold, with paint from your local craft store such as Michaels. As for the bowl, use a large glass bowl or as depicted in the photo above a punch bowl, which would tie-in nicely to a drink station.

I really love this simple yet elegant centerpiece idea…so wish me luck on my quest to find a life-like goose that is not “stuffed”. If you have any ideas of where I could find one leave a comment down below!