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 Glitter and Glitz

One way to glam up a party or an event is to glitter a champagne bottle. It’s so simple and I guarantee you that the finished result is not cheap or cheesy looking.

I did this for New Years (of course the ultimate occasion for a glittered champagne bottle) and it looked fantastic! Of course you can do this for any event such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and bachelorette parties! Not to mention you can colour coordinate the glitter to match the theme of your party. As an example you can use pink glitter for a bachelorette party.

There are two ways you can re-create this look:

The first way is how I approached this task and I’m not sure I would recommend it. I purchased a bottle of glitter paint from Michaels craft store and painted the bottle with several coats, as the paint was slightly transparent.

The second way, is to purchase glue and glitter and just like you learned in kindergarten you put the glue on the bottle and then sprinkle the glitter on top. I feel like this is a messier approach but it’s a lot faster and it also adds texture to your final product.

And there you have it, the most awesome party craft you will ever learn!!

 Glitter and Glitz