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Photo Confetti

Guests will go crazy for large photo confetti, especially when they find out they are in some of the photos!

Just recently my father celebrated his 60th birthday with family and friends at a restaurant in Mississauga. Since the restaurant dealt with food preparation, décor, and alcohol I felt that I needed to add a little something that would personalize the event and give it some pizzazz. To be honest I also kind of felt weird that the whole event was taken care of, which is a feeling I am not used too. So I decided that since we were celebrating a milestone birthday I NEEDED to include 60 photos of the birthday boy from all the years in his life, including those he spent with family and friends that were also attending the party.


I proceeded to flip through a lengthy amount of family albums as well as sift through digital photos on all of my family’s computers. I narrowed my photos down to 60 and I started scanning (not a fun process). As soon as all the photos were scanned I used iPhoto (which crashed on me a hundred times) to give all the photos an antique tint. After the photos were printed I used two drinking glasses as stencils (one smaller and one larger) so that I could easily cut out circles. I also needed to cut the same sizes of circles out of tissue paper to add colour to the confetti. I chose to use red, gold, and silver which are all rich colours that went with the overall theme of the restaurant.

Instead of doing the conventional throwing of the confetti into the air, I thought I would save the restaurant the mess and place the confetti all over the table to look more like a table runner. The overall look was beautiful and personable (exactly what I was going for). All the guests had such a great time looking at all the photos and reminiscing about their “younger days”. They even began gathering all the photos and passing them down the table to ensure everyone got to see them. As the night finished I began collecting the photos to throw them in the garbage and I was surprised that guests started to take the photos home with them, talk about an easy cleanup!

To re-create this craft you will defiantly need patience, time, and great scissor cutting skills but the end result will be worth it!

Photo Runner